Anthony Adams and The Nite Owls have shared the bill with such artists as.....

  Jason Isbell, Willie Nelson, Beck,  Chris Stapleton, Cage The Elephant, Violent Femmes, Phil Keaggy and many more...

"If Jason Isbell and Ray Lamontagne had a singer-songwriter love child, it might very well be Anthony Adams. His soul-baring vocals are surpassed only by the quality of his writing. From the simplicity of Moon, to the hard swing of Honey, and the narrative in Willie McGee and Soldier's Lament, you can't help but think you are listening to the first of many albums to come. While Anthony's talent alone could carry the record, The Nite Owls provide the perfect backdrop, offering a unique mix of cello, violin, harmonica/sax, slide guitar and bass, and Jenn Palmer Harrison's sparing, but perfectly placed backup vocals. You won't regret buying this one."


*Voted As One Of The Top 10 Emerging Artists of Nashville*

The Deli Magazine


Performed at the wedding of Hayley Williams of Paramore and Chad Gilbert of New Found Glory.

"At the reception, the couple’s  guests danced to live music by Anthony Adams and The Nite Owls..."


Williamson Herald Interview